About Me


Who am I?

Hi, I’m Luke, taker of photographs and speaker of words.  Welcome to my blog!  This is where I try to keep the world updated on my whereabouts as my work as an English Language Teacher takes me from place to place.  I won’t be explaining how to survive on $1 a day whilst backpacking the Congolese rainforest, nor will I be reviewing the fluffiness of the pillows at the Marriott (yet, at least).  I will, however, try and give you an insight into my travels and how I piece together the dots of my continuous journey.  All whilst soothing your eyeballs with the fruits of my hobby: photography.  So please, stow your tray tables and return your seats to the upright position – here we go.

Where am I now?

Right now you'll find me village-hopping across the Czech Republic and Slovakia with my incredibly tolerant girlfriend, Torin.  We provide intensive English conversation courses for schools and find ourselves in a new place every week; from desolate, Soviet-style concrete jungles to medieval towns straight out of a children's storybook.  Central Europe might not be as glamorous as some places, and many people's experiences here don't extend much beyond a pivovar and hungover tour around Prague's Old Town.  The reality, however, is a region steeped in complex history and still trying to forge a prosperous future.  And yes, the beer really is as cheap as it is good.

Where have I been?

Uninspired by the prospect of graduate employment in the UK, I set off for Spain where I worked in Valladolid and later on La Gomera, in the Canary Islands.  Aside from darting around Western Europe, I've also made it to Brazil, the US, China, and most recently, the Balkan states.  But with just 27 out of 200+ countries ticked off, there's no reason to slow down yet.